The fly front construction for pants can be a little daunting, but once you get the hang of it- no problem! If you have never done, or are a little rusty, do yourself a favor and do a trial run and work out the kinks. Here is my advice on how I insert my fly fronts. Let me know if something sounds confusing and I will clarify further. The guidelines below assume you have serged all of the necessary seams and joined the left and right legs together at the rises, stopping for the fly front insertion.

fly front tutorial


  1. Ali says:

    Whoooppee!! Inserted the zip! Was really easy – used the above pix and the printed instructions from my PDF pattern. The pix above helped visualise things. Only thing was on my pattern pieces the fly facing and extension are named wrong?? Worked it out tho.
    Now on with the waistband………

  2. […] and diagrams were very clear, and there is also extra help on SBCC’s blog to help with the fly construction, some handy tips for choosing your size and adjusting the waist. And […]

  3. Cindy Byrd says:

    Suu-weet! This tutorial just makes so much more sense than others I’ve read. Thank you

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