I grew up in a very small town in middle America where everyone celebrated Christmas and nearly everyone was Protestant. For 18 years I was naively under the assumption that everyone celebrated the same way as me. I probably should have been more aware, but I was busy planning my fashion career and being fabulous. Anyway, so I get to New York, the real melting pot, and suddenly wake up to the fact that not everyone celebrates the same as I do. Now I know this and during the holidays I should say “Happy Holidays!” Old habits die hard and I am still wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas!”, much to my embarrassment- especially when someone calls me on it. I really do try…
So there is a point to my sharing- I am not purposely trying to be dense or inconsiderate- but rather a creature of habit. I am just a simple patternmaker accustomed to making what I need, not printing via desktop printer. Only in the last few years has the concept of A4 printing dawned on me. Yeah, I thought about it, but just like Hanukkah, it didn’t register. So to the rest of the world that exists beyond my own- letter size printing is clearly outnumbered and it is time for recognition. Weekend project- not drafting, not sewing, not grading- but file conversion to A4 for all patterns. It’s about time!


  1. Carol G. says:

    Hope you saw the Sew Independent Awards (Best Independent Sewing Patterns of 2013) Tonic Tshirt made the Top 5 for tops.


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