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Work in Progress: The May Edition

Posted by Betsy C on

Tragedy struck. 

You never really think about backing up your back ups, right? (or maybe it's just me). Well, my external hard drive where I kept all of my PDF pattern files, original artwork, photos, pertinent financial data, irreplaceable photos, died. I heard it coming. The tic-tic-tic and revving. I did not heed the sounds omitted from the device. I figured, "eh, I will deal with that later." Until I couldn't. I scooped it up and trekked it to a data recovery service who specializes in this kind of stuff, stat! Got my estimate of $1600 (gulp!) and handed over my credit card. Turns out it was beyond repair. Nothing could be salvaged. The only good news was I was charged nothing. Even so, I felt like throwing up. It's all gone...

So now I proceed with picking up the shattered pieces of my data. Luckily all of my pattern files (CAD, non-pretty-fied) versions are on a different computer. So the patterns themselves exist, but basically everything needs reformatting to have the different line qualities, special fonts, labeling, and page tiling. All sewing direction original files are gone. PDF's were stored in the cloud, so not all was lost.  And of course, now that it's all gone, typos are noticed and minor errors spotted that would have been a quick fix, but now it's a total re-do. Yay!

The reason I wanted to throw up

The new jacket pattern is almost done. The monster behemoth of 20 pages of sewing instructions took me about 40 hours to create. Now, here's where I shot myself in the foot: I hate having too much "stuff" around, especially paperwork. I threw out all of my drafts of the new sewing directions, confident that digital was best and proper way to go. It was complete. It was a masterpiece. Then it was gone. 

Ugh. This was the worst possible file to lose.

I re-wrote the directions, but need to redo all of the illustrations. I just can't muster that energy right now. It was soo much the first time...

So here's to a fall release!

Yes, blog photos are missing

I was on a mission to repair photos from old blog posts that had disappered when I switched sites. I have been getting lots of inquires about this and tried to do a few each day to remedy the situation. But when the data died, so was my ability to recover the blog post images. What's gone is gone. I am going to take down the photo-less posts and maybe delete some and revamp the good ones and re-take the photos. I will just consider this cleaning house and reinventing the good.

Cocktails are the Cure

I got to hang with my pal Maria Denmark when she was in town. I tried talking her into doing some fabric shopping, but she held her ground and didn't give in to the NYC garment district temptations. Instead, we opted for lunch and cocktails where she gifted me a copy of her new book that she carried half-way around the world for moi! It's truly beautiful and I wish I read Danish, but the detailed, photos more than speak for themselves. I'm campaigning for her to get this translated into English! We need this! 

But is there any sewing?

Sewing has been happening. I have been making up a new Gibson Blouse and a new Mimosa for myself. I sized up, for the Mimosa, up after thinking that I was larger than before, but actually maintained after a carb filled winter. I should have kept my usual size and regret it heartily. I am considering taking it all apart and recutting as a size smaller to salvage my fabric.

I have plans for a new Collins blouse also, part of the spring pattern pack. Just a heads up: The sale end the 31st, so get yours before it's over!

Oh, and an exciting announcement coming the first week of June! I can't wait!



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  • Oh %#&^$&#^!! Gotta bleep out my own profanity. Even imagining the pain you’re going through makes me have a drink or two. I know you’ll make it through. I’m sure you’ve been through worse. Let me know if you need a hand. I’ll work for patterns. :)

    Nhi on
  • Oona- oh, don’t you know it! those cocktails they were flowing that day!

    Betsy on
  • Arielle- I am totally stealing your term “dataapocolypse” So appropriate!

    Betsy on
  • I’m so sorry! I did notice that the jacket was not coming out this month but I didn’t imagine the horrible truth of Datapocalypse you were suffering through. I’m backing up everything this week-end, for sure! Bon courage!

    Arielle on
  • ugh. UGH!!! i hope you’re continuing those cocktails!!

    oonaballoona on

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