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There is great joy and satisfaction when you reach the point in your sewing experience where you show up to a fancy schmancy event and can say:

“Why yes, I have made this beautiful one of a kind dress… Oh, well, you know. It was just something I threw together with some spare moments. (actually 17 hours and plenty of seam rips later) This ‘ole thing?” [insert twirl with coy look]

The dress is in the spotlight for that single occasion and you and your skills are a star (“Did you see her dress? She made it!”). But then the lights go down, the music turned to low and you go home to kick off your heels and reclaim the couch. What to wear?- preferably no boning or invisible zippers or anything that requires stockings. Just your go-to that’s a no-brainer. No need to consider fashion implications. Only comfort and familiarity. Freeze frame right here!….

Here’s to the unsung wardrobe heroes of fashion comfort- the comfy pants that you never seem to have enough of and the cozy cardigans to throw over whatever you have on to make you warm and toasty. They are so “everyday” that you don’t even think about making your own… until they are gone Until now….

Today I pay homage to comfy clothes with the Pinot Pants and the Cabernet Cardigan. Just like the wines they represent, they are the staples that serve as your go-to to give you that warm fuzzy feeling, but still feel chic. Now this is not a get out of jail free card to not look like a proper lady even when you want to be comfortable. This is the modern equivalent to looking like Lucille Ball at home. These classic silhouettes are intended for knit fabrics which offer a variety of looks depending on the type of knit you choose.

*Lightweight cotton jersey for the Pinot Pants? Ok, great for sleepwear, perhaps workout, but don’t even think about leaving the house- No, not even to go to the grocery store! Dense Italian ponte in black with ballet flats- yes please! and maybe even for the workplace. It’s all about the fabric! This pattern is what I like to call a Blank Slate Sloper and in coming posts I will show you how to make the styling your own and modify for the look that suits you.

*The Cabernet cardigan is the chameleon as it can be serious or slouchy. It is best for denser knits like ponte or a thick sweater knit, but you can also consider crochet yardages for an airy feel. If you are like me and are knitting-challenged, sweater knits are are a whole new and exciting territory.

I’m tipsy with excitement and have a ton more details to share for these two styles. But I will save save it for when they are officially for sale 2/28. Want to get in early for a 15% discount? If you are already on the SBCC email list, check your inbox (I just switched over to a new email service, so you will probably have to reconfirm your email. Sorry! I was hoping to avoid this, but it should make it easier to keep up on the latest SBCC news Thanks for your patience!). If you haven’t done so yet, sign up to get in on the action and stay up to date on the latest happenings. Stay tuned for more to come.

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