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Making it Great! I Want to Hear From You

Posted by Betsy Cook on

Blog post regularity, ummm… well… not so much these days. But I have a good reason! I am still around hard at work on not one, but two new patterns coming mid to later February. I am working on all the details, going into auto-pilot mode, to pull it all together. I got this S*%$ down! or, so I think.
As much as I am about process and rigorous scheduling, I took a reflective moment over my latest cocktail concoction and thought, perhaps there is something more that I can offer or maybe I am leaving something out. For this answer I leave it to you dear readers/customers. I would like to hear your thoughts. What should I be including in for my next pattern release? Are you happy with the sewing directions? How about PDF printing, are we cool with that now that I updated to have wider margins for all patterns? Anything you would like to see different on the hard copy patterns?


I am super lucky to get really positive reviews and flattering feedback through emails. Seriously,  you guys are great and I love to hear it after devoting a ton of time on each style! But this is your chance to give me some constructive criticism. I can’t guarantee action for everything due to budget and time limitations, but I can assure you that anything you tell me will definitely be considered. If you prefer to keep it between you and me, that’s cool too. Just email me at and we can chat.

I am really curious to hear from you, even if you have never bought an SBCC pattern before, let me know why not and I will see how I can improve things. Help me out in my endless pursuit of perfection.


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