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Hello 2015! Here I come

Posted by Betsy C on

I would be the lone sewist out there if I didn’t follow up with my own year in review and share some of my goals for 2015. Gah! The peer pressure! I feel I should have Auld Lang Syne playing in the background…

I am a chronic over achiever and super performer. Nothing is ever good enough and I can always do more. I expect a lot from myself and as I look back, SBCC patterns has grown, but I have a lot of regret for the things that I have not done our could have done better. But I cannot say it was a total loss because I’m not lazing on the couch or caught up in internet games. My day job is going great, I’ve made a lot of new friends by helping out my fellow pattern entrepreneurs by doing grading work, and the everyday admin stuff of SBCC keeps my busy.
2015 wasn’t a total loss for new patterns either. I think I released maybe 3 or 4 new patterns (I lose track and I’m too lazy at the moment to verify, plus the road to hell was paved with good intentions this year so many styles were a miss). Sewing-wise- I sewed a lot! I doesn’t feel like it but once you count the bajillion muslins I do for each pattern, sewing for new stuff and additional selfish sewing along the way, I did my part to utilize my fabric stash and support my local businesses-Kashi & Mood– I’m looking at you! Oh, and I followed through on my goals for last year and all of the PDF patterns have been reformatted for both letter and A4 in one format with cuttable margins. They also now feature metric measurements as well, how novel!

So whats in store next year for SBCC Patterns?:
1) I have two new patterns in the works tentatively scheduled for a February release. These are really practical everyday pieces that I wear to death (wearing the pants right now as I write this in case you think I’m making this up) and I know you will too.
2) SB306 the Tai Dress– I love this dress, but the format only allows for paper patterns at the moment. Hoping to re-release also as a PDF with add-ons such as sleeves and collar in the springtime.
3) SB326 The Manhattan Trousers: Need to get my butt in gear to finish the plus size pattern. Seriously! feel free to contact me via facebook or tweet me to ask where the hell this is and when it is going to be done. I need that kind of motivation.
4) More woven non-stretchy patterns. Knits are the fabrics we live in and what we buy in the stores as RTW. I love them. but I know that they are intimidating and a lot of sewers feel more comfortable with woven fabrics. I would like to have something for everyone.
5) Need to do a new jacket. I’m thinking something Helmut Lang-ish, but if you have ideas or suggestions- share pins with me on Pinterest– email the pins to me ( I love to see what you are into and thinking about. (BTW- if you know how to create a collaborative board without having to invite everyone individually let me know)
6) Newsletter- For those of you who have signed up previously and heard the crickets-2015 is the year of the SBCC newsletter. Planning a monthly shout out about pattern alterations, petite stuff and whatever else deemed relevant. Best of all- free of charge. just sign up on the homepage to be on the list.

7) I plan on doing some some housekeeping around the website, like updating the homepage to be a little less miss-mosh, fixing links that decided they don’t want to work, and adding a rss feed to the blog.

Well, that is pretty lengthy and are my major points. If you think I should be working on something or you have suggestions for me I would love to hear them. I cannot guarantee that I will follow through on all but I am always listening and considering.
Wishing everyone a productive and happy 2015!

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