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Bon voyage

Posted by Betsy C on

What can I say, I am a bit of a workaholic. I have a hefty load and very rarely do I complain. Instead I stay the course and schedule, micromanage, delegate and work on blog posts during my commute time. Whatever it takes. After many years in the garment industry where we live and die by deadlines that are made at just the last possible drop-dead minute, I am a disciplined soldier. However, even a soldier gets a leave and I need to venture out of the sewing cave before my socialization skills disappear completely and my pasty whiteness from lack of suns spurns additional concern.
Well folks, here I go (stepping out of my cave very tentatively). No living vicariously through blog posts of beautiful landscapes and picturesque beaches. I am off to forge my own adventure- this time London!
I am away August 9th through the 16th, so if you plan on placing an order for a printed pattern, Thursday August 7th will be the last shipping day until I return to the post office on the 18th. It’s a bit of as stretch, but I will rush any printed patterns out as soon as I get back and on my regular grind again.
PS. thanks for all the lovely tips previously! If you have additional ideas for what I cannot miss, let me know! I cannot possibly leave the email behind, so I will be checking in periodically and sharing some pics on Instagram.

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