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Making the Case for Petite Jeans and Where I Rip Apart a Perfectly Good Pair

Posted by Betsy C on

Let’s talk ready to wear, the stuff you buy at the store; specifically jeans. The fit of jeans are very personal. We all have that ideal in our minds of how they should make us look and feel. My expectations are no less than the average female, in fact this week I took those expectations to another level. There are two things (ok, maybe three if i get reaallly preachy) that drive me bonkers about jeans.

1) This one is for all the gals, regardless of height: Women have curves, so why are the waistbands cut as a straight piece? Tradition you say? Sure, jeans may have originated for men and were meant to be worn higher on the waist (i.e.- mom jeans). But all things must evolve and with it should be a curved waistband to eliminate the horrendous gape at the back of low slung jeans. God save us all if I have to see another tutorial on how elastic is sewn into the inside back waist of a pair of jeans for a really janky result.  Away with tradition give the women the fit they want.

2) Back to petites and where I get on my soapbox: Why do skinnies only come in regular length? Skinny jeans usually have shorter inseams, but just because an inseam is short does not make it petite. The rises are a huge deal. That bunchy back leg with creases below the butt is a prime symptom, and many just accept it as is. However, I am not ok with this. Sometimes you don’t even realize it is an issue until you wear a pair for a little bit. Case in point a recent purchase: they fit great in every aspect at first try on. However, the first full day of wear was spent doing the ever so sexy wiggle and pull up- trying in vain for a secure fit. My first thought was I needed a belt to solve this. After some analysis (me staring at my butt in the mirror, doing squinty eye approximations) I found the culprit. The microscopic front rise was not an issue, but the back rise was about an inch too long even for my pronounced backside.

I’m not one to waste a perfectly good pair of jeans. Instead, I plan on doing a not so kosher alteration which changes the design slightly and may be it’s own kind of janky alteration. But I do have high hopes that the sexy wiggle pull up will no longer be part of my wearing routine. Stay tuned for my hacking and whacking of these jeans and we will find out together if you can “petite” a pair of jeans.

In the mean time, anyone have recommendations for petite skinny jeans?

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