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Petite Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

Posted by Betsy on


cfa0132cba9f5825110bfe0a2d3d2f2fFalling just within the petite category at 5ft 4″ is Victoria Beckham. Back in the Spice Girl days I had no interest in her taste. However, in the past few years, her style has evolved into a more sophisticated and glamorous practice. She fits the bill for style icon in the way that she styles her outfits to include oversized and boxier silhouettes, but they don’t overwhelm her frame. It is all about the proportions of slim vs big and is a lesson for almost everyone: If you are going to wear an oversized piece, make the rest of the outfit more form fitting and shorter. Example: a large chunky turtleneck sweater worn with skinny jeans and heels can still elongate the body. Also, a boxy menswear jacket worn with tailored cropped trousers and heels won’t make you look like you are wearing your Dad’s sport coat. If you are still hesitant on these looks, make sure the sleeve is slim.

I personally love the way she wears her trousers. What is your take- How do you wear your trousers? Do you like them long and full or short and skinny?

Check out my Petite Style board on Pinterest for more VB photos and other petite icons to come

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