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Post Your SBCC Projects on Kollabora

Posted by Betsy on


In comes Kollabora and they invite me to sell some of my PDF’s on their site.  I was pretty skeptical about a new social media site, but how could I say no when it is just for crafty discussions in a sort of Facebook meets Pinterest mash-up!  Their site is a breeze to navigate and it is fun to follow popular bloggers and fellow DIYers to see what they are up to. The best part yet- it is super simple to load up you project photos and reviews for anything you are working on.

Oh, so lonely…..My SBCC page is, sadly, very sparse at this time. I would love to see some finished garment photos and your reviews posted up to the SBCC page. Show off your Tonic Tee’s and other styles that you have worked on. Petite ladies represent!



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