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Plus Size Pattern Testers

Posted by Betsy on

Update: Thanks for all of the responses to volunteer for this! At this time, I have plenty of testers. However, if you are interested in providing feedback for future patterns please contact me.

There are a few new patterns in the pipeline (finally!), one of which is a pant. Now we all know that pants are the hardest and worst to fit, so that is why I am being especially particular about the plus sizes. Plus sizes come in all different shapes and to make one pattern that works for all is not an easy task. The pattern is not ready for a full release yet, but I am looking for petite ladies between sizes 14W and 28W to provide feedback on overall fit, ease of use, grammatical and typographical errors. Testers must have:

1. A sharp attention to detail,

2. An open mind about the project

3. Ability to work independently and around any potential difficulties

4. The time to complete feedback within a two-week time frame.

Unfortunately this is an unpaid project, but you will get a free pattern. I will provide the feedback guidelines and what I am looking for. If you are open to taking photos of completed garments (no head shots necessary) that would be awesome.

Drop me an email if you are interested:, subject: “Plus Size postcard sewing machinePattern Tester”

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