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I love to throw things away. I hate clutter and messes. Things that are not useful have to go. However, I retain a soft spot in my heart for clothing that I have purchased just because it is beautiful and interesting. I have purchased many vintage items over the years, despite the fact I am not a vintage type of gal (I prefer my tshirt and jeans). As I am in process of sorting through my seasonal wardrobe change I run across some of these random pieces mixed in with items I wore once, but probably won’t again, but cannot bear to throw away for many reasons.

I thought I would share a vintage piece I purchased at a Vintage Clothing Show in Chicago. I really don’t know much about this item whether it is intended as a slip or a nightgown, but either way it is beautiful. vintage dress pic 1

vintage dress pic 2

vintage dress pic 3Look very closely at the tiny gathering stitches made by hand. This is actually on the outside of the garment.

vintage dress pic 4This is a photo of the inside which features tiny 1/4″ seam allowances (raw edges) and the joining of the panels that make up the skirt. This is the most interesting part to me because the skirt join seams are actually the selvedge of the fabric. There are many panels that make up this garment and all of the panel edges feature this treatment. Basically what that means is there is a lot of fabric here- something that is unthinkable in todays cheap modern production.

Does anyone else collect clothing without the intention of wearing it? Are there any experts out there who would know the function of this item?


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