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Stitching Up Paris

Posted by Betsy on

Paris Eifel TowerWhen I visited Paris for the first time I wanted to make sure that I did not miss the prime sewing spots. I needed an expert. I sought out the expertise of Barbara from Stitching Up Paris to be my guide and she did not disappoint. If you are headed that direction, make sure to look her up. Not only did she help out with going to the hot spots, but she also helped a naively unprepared New Yorker with the correct terminology and purchase procedures. Even if you can’t make it to Paris, be sure to “Like” her Facebook page to live vicariously through her photos.

I found it very interesting that here in the US we are accustomed to purchasing by the yard, half yard, etc… I am used to going to Mood and haul around rolls of fabric.  Many of the stores in Paris offered small piece goods pre-cut in 3 meter bundles which means a little digging, but it is a different type of fabric shopping experience.

I am planning a trip to London next spring. Does anyone know of someone like Barbara that can take me to the hot spots? I am already planning on camping out at Liberty, but I think I should probably expand my experience.

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