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Sewing Gadgets

Posted by Betsy on

As I was sorting through my miscellaneous sewing paraphernalia looking for a zipper, I happened across a couple of vintage tools that I inherited from my grandmothers sewing collection. Now I am not a gadget sewer. I am virtually on the caveman equivalent of sewing tools– by choice as a purist. I really dislike having to rely on more than I need to for my projects. However, I cannot help but be intrigued by these tools that promise easy solutions to everyday sewing tasks. Be sure to check out the prices that are listed on the packaging. These are definitely from a different era and I cannot help to wonder if similar gadgets exist in the recent sewing resurgence. Are there any gadgets out there that I should be using? Does anyone find these type of tools helpful?

Point Turner ez stitcher tailor marker

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