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How to FBA a T-shirt Pattern

Posted by Betsy on

For some an FBA is a necessary evil of sewing. This alteration is a must-do to accommodate a fuller chest. Let me just add that I had never heard this term used in mass production of garments. I spent a decent amount of time searching around trying to figure out what the heck this acronym was all about. After dissecting the tutorials out there it finally hit me what the outcome was intended to do! Wow, these were uber-complex methods that you just may need a degree in engineering to achieve. I have my own methods to fix this that can be done in minutes vs hours, but I get ahead of myself….

I am so happy that the Tonic Tshirt has been a free download success and I have gleamed additional information from the Petite Survey that most of you gals out there have bigger chests than I imagined (SBCC Patterns is addressing this going forward…). The Tonic Tshirt is a basic style, but without darts or seaming, it is hard to create compression/shaping for the fuller chests. The beauty of knit fabrics is that you can make them do similar functions as a dart or seam. For those in need, check out the visuals below. This is my quick solution for an FBA on a Tshirt. However, you can only use the method I will detail below to a certain extent without further implications, but it will help to fit your chest better. Also, your knit fabric will have to have some stretch in the lengthwise grain to make this work best. I have provided only a couple of measurements as a guideline. How much you need to add totally depends on you, but I wouldn’t add more than 2″. This is just a quick synopsis on this alteration and basically how I would do it in a nutshell. You can and should modify to fit your needs.





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