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Is sewing just a trend?

Posted by Betsy on

2ndThe popularity of indie fabric and notion stores, plus pattern designers, is at an all time high. Now more than ever the options and styles available are closer to ready to wear and more understandable for all skill levels. I think back to my grandmothers days where sewing during the Depression was a way of life to put clothes on your back and showcase the trends that were not available at the local stores. The styles and the pattern books of the day are now in a revival moment as they are once again stylish and in demand. My mom learned to sew from my grandmother and made a lot of her wardrobe in the 70’s when she was single and had the time. That changed in the 80’s when I came around and sewing was not an easy task with a kid in tow. This era in the 80’s, to me, marks the time where clothes are easier to attain and the prices make it possible to expand your wardrobe. From this point on it was a new ballgame and why should anyone make their own clothes when they were cheap and readily available.

Now, sewing seems to be the hot thing to do. The number of television shows that feature some sort of sewing creation would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. The advent of DIY blogs and Pinterest also help to promote sewing. This is great for people like me who want to share our ideas with the world, but I do wonder where sewing will be in 10 years from now and beyond. Will the interest wane, and will technology enable our consumerism even more? Perhaps the projects of today will be the equivalent of the unfinished macrame rugs of the 70’s that you run across in Grandma’s attic. Or maybe sewing is the new normal as our means of acquiring will be only if we make it ourselves.

Of course these examples seem pretty extreme, but it is something I wonder about. No matter what, this is my lifestyle and I will always be creating in some way shape or form. I’m addicted. But what about you? What do you think of sewing as a trend? Any of the sewers out there who have been sewing through the decades- It would be interesting to hear your take. And to everyone else- where do you see sewing in the future?



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