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Keepin’ it Green with Pattern Printing

Posted by Betsy on

I live in a small space with a lot of stuff (ahem, my fabric stash for one). As I’ve developed the Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns I have put more thought into the value of the items I own. A lot of things were super cheap mass produced crap. Yeah, it’s budget-friendly, but what about earth-friendly? I give a lot more thought to what I consume and my need for it, especially clothing. I sew for the gratification and personalization behind each creation. If I want ten t-shirts, then by golly I will make them myself instead of leaving it to a stranger in another country (seriously, I live in them so ten is not overconsumption in my book).

This thought transfers to my patterns as well. Mass production just clogs up the works sometimes and inventory takes up valuable space. These days I buy only what I need. For Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns, I only print what I have orders for. Each printed pattern is done individually as needed. How do I do it? Well, I have the Nascar version of a large format printer (it’s actually called a plotter). It’s function is speed and precision, not comfortable seating. It’s sleek, takes up minimal space and is super-duper fast! I’m all in it for speed. I never slow down, so I have no time to wait for one of those large mamma-jamma HP inkjets to do a fancy job for me after 25 minutes of waiting for one pattern to print.

Alas, because my plotter is such a workhorse, it has no time for details like swoon-worthy typography and fancy schmancy logos. It is straight to the point. All sizes are the same line quality, but I have painstakingly detailed what size is what. Technology is a great thing and always improving. Also, when you spend a boatload on it you get to chat up the manufacturer for improvements. So visual improvements for printing are pending. Right now my priority is to not over produce what I make.

It may not be the fanciest looking pattern you will ever see, but you’ll find the fit trumps the package!

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