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New Look, New Site

Posted by Betsy Cook on

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at SBCC Patterns.

New Website:

Let's just say that the old site came down with a crash, bang, and boom. It was time to abandon ship. I am not a developer or a web guru. I am just a pattern maker in need of a functional site that does not have the hours to devote to a needy Wordpress platform. I like my new digs and there are some new features: 

You can create an account to login and access your pattern downloads. You can still use your receipts for a link, but this keeps all of your purchase available to you.

New Shipping: Unfortunately this is not as exciting-except for my accountant. Shipping costs are really crazy these days. I really wish I can ship cheaper, but something has got to give and I really cannot keep up with free shipping. The best I can do nowadays is flat rate. Good new is $3.00 for flat rate US. Bad news is that UK is about $10. Sorry, I hope everyone understands, but please be assured that any money you pay towards patterns and shipping goes towards making more styles. 

Ok, back to good news: Credit cards of all shapes and sizes are now accepted. Before there were crazy rates that I just could not sustain as a small entity. But now with a bigger platform behind me I can accept payments that allow payments in countries that did not previously utilize Paypal. Paypal is still my favorite child, but this gives you options.

In general, some of the new website functionality needs work, but is progressing. If you have any suggestions or see anything wacky (besides blog post photos missing - SMH!!!) call it out and I will see what I can do. 

In other news: 

I have been making patterns and sewing like a maniac. 

Working on some new shapes. I am not sure yet if I will develop them for sale because I designed them selfishly to fill some wardrobe gaps. But I will be post in pics on Instagram #maybenewSBCC and you can let me know what you think. 

More selfish sewing: I love so many of the style s that fellow designers are doing so I want to show you my petite makes. Stay tuned.

Closing thoughts:

Walking away from the old site was cathartic and I felt a weight was lifted off my shoulders as the old site was basically held together with scotch tape and good vibes. I did what I could but it was not good enough and time for a restart. The same holds true for certain lingering sewing projects. Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes you figure things out. But once a project gets stale it feels really awesome to chuck it like a frisbee. You have better things to do.


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  • Hi Betsy
    Nice work on the new site!
    I noticed your blog stopped updating in my blog reader (Feedly) around May. I assume this is due to the site update so I went ahead and updated my blog reader with your new url and everything seems to be working fine so I thought I might share this incase the change in blog url wasn’t intentional.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next pattern (Vneck tunic? yes!, Manhattan Trouser for plus size YES, please!)

    ZM on

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