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Selfish Sewing: Maeva Blouse by Republique du Chiffon

Posted by Betsy C on

I'm a sucker for a peplum if you have not noticed. When I saw the Maeva blouse pattern by Republique du Chiffon I pursed my lips and frowned as pang of jealousy surged through me, disappointed that I didn't think of something so darn cute for SBCC. But two seconds later I was happily tapping away at the keyboard, entering my payment info and secretly excited that someone else has done all the leg work, muh ha, ha ha! (evil laugh). But seriously- I see so many patterns that are so great that I must partake and this is the story of one of them.

Some projects take awhile…like this one. I made it probably almost a year ago and it turned out to be really petite friendly. I mean virtually no "shorty" alterations needed. For all those petites out there, let's say that again: no "shorty" alterations needed!! (YAY!)  Check me out in trendy gingham-esque plaid… a year before it was trendy (seriously, how did that happen?). Wanna know what took me so long? Buttons. Yep. I hate buttons and fussing with the markings. It hung on my rack for over a year waiting for me to get my act together.

Oh, in case this looks a little too perfect, check out the photo on the right- close up of my downfall. I was too fixated on matching the peplum seams that I totally forgot the neckline (duh-oh!). I could always fix it. But no. I have gone too far. I'm never going to button those top buttons so let's pretend it's ok!

The only major alteration was the shoulder slope, but most sewing patterns are too sloped for my broad shouders. (Maybe someday I will go into the symptoms of this because I really cannot be the only one with straight shoulders). Anyhoo, I reduced the shoulder width also. 

Now I know that some judge sewing proficiency based on the ability to stripe match. Yeah, that's ok, but sometimes I don't want to stress it. I'm all about quick sewing projects and I cut a little willy-nilly with only sort of matching. I cut the placket on the bias to help mask any mistakes. The only thing that really irks me is the stripe level is uneven at the peplum seam. I may just rip this out eventually for a redo. 

What about you- what are your sewing limits and what merits an major seam rip?

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