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Selfish Sewing: A Self-Drafted Pattern

Posted by Betsy Cook on

I am on a blue kick. Perhaps I am like Picasso, going through a blue period. Chambray. Seriously, cannot get enough. Also cannot get enough easy, swingy tops. So I made myself a new one. 

With the Chambray that I got from B&J fabrics I could use both sides! 

I think this pattern will work even better for silky, lighter-weight fabrics that allow for more drape. (The chambray is almost quilting cotton weight.)

How do you do your plackets? I sometimes have no clue how to do something until I sit down and do it. 98% of the time I am successful. This time was the other 2%. I kept clipping the corner ends too much and then I was left with large uneven gaping holes. This was beyond fixable, so exhibit A- the decorative patch. 

Send me some links for TNT so I can figure this out. I have other ideas for this technique as well...

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