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Super Sewing Bundle Sale pt 2 (Oh Yeah!!!)

Posted by Betsy Cook on

Have you heard the news? Sew Indie Month is all September! Get ready for lots of interviews, collaborations and fun  pattern contests! As an added bonus, your favorite indie designers (moi included) have joined forces to offer you our selected PDF patterns as a bundle deal- pt 2 from now until Thursday September 10th. This means you get a bunch of sewing patterns for a fraction of the price you would pay individually. More is more, right!?
Let me help you with an extra incentive: 20% of bundle proceeds will be donated to Women for Women, which helps women dealing with violence, marginalization, and poverty due to war and conflict. Plus you are supporting small independent businesses who want to make pretty things that you will like. 
C'mon, what are you waiting for? Go get it!
If you are like me and love the hoarders high you get from a Costco deal, well the Indie Sewing pattern bundle is pretty darn close.
Here is what you get:
Pay what you want for the bundle! The more you pay, the more rewards you'll receive. 
  • Pay $25 or more to get the VNA Top, 6101 Fit & Flare Skirt, Bess Top, Nettie Dress & Bodysuit, and Pinot Pants.
  • Pay $32 or more to get the Walkley Vest & Dress and Jasper Sweater & Dress.
  • Pay $38 or more to get the Nautilus Swimsuit, the NEW Kinga Skirt, and the NEW April 1962 Coat.
Find out more about the designers and their patterns:
Pinot Pants by Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick
Fit and Flare Skirt by Maison Fleur
Bess Top by Imagine Gnats
VNA Top by Fehr Trade
Nettie Bodysuit and Dress by Closet Case Files
Walkley Vest & Dress by MIY Collection
Jasper Hoodie by Paprika Patterns
Nautilus Swimsuit by Seamstress Erin
the new Kinga Skirt by Kate & Rose
the new April 1962 Coat by SomaPatterns

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