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Sewing Indie Month Festivities Week 3 Roundup

Posted by Betsy Cook on

Hey everybody! Are you still following along? Just in case you missed something here's all of the fun stuff that happened this week:

9/14- Taylor from Bluerprints for sewing interviewed Moi. Read all about my technical inclinations and weird interest in grading, and all sorts of petiteness. It was a lot of fun to Chat with Taylor, so go and check it out. 

9/14- Sometimes you get lucky and can use a pattern meant for a knit to make a woven garment, but most of the time it requires alterations. Peggy, from Sew House 7, Posted a tutorial over at Sew Liberated on how to adjust the Paloma blouse and made a beautiful chambray style. 

9/15- Heather from Closet Case files chatted with Seamstress Erin about her background as a scientist and how it influences her patterns. 

9/15- Wendy, from MIY Collection, took charge of knit fabrics over at Seamster Patterns. She shows probably the most comprehensive guide to sewing with knits that I have seen thus far. Sure to alleviate any fears of sewing with them.

9/16- Rachel from Imagine Gnats showed how she took the Roza top from Kate and Rose and made a slimmer fit. Also, check out her embroidery that was vintage inspired from her Grandmothers handiwork. 

9/16- Lisa from Paprika patterns chatted with Yuki from Waffle Patterns. Find out more about how a Japanese gal like Yuki made her life in Amsterdam and how she bridges the sewing between east and west.  

9/17-Kat from Muse patterns shows how to hack the Dalloway Dress and Cressida skirt by Jennifer Lauren Vintage. See the super cute result here.

9/17- These two ladies share a love of novelty spandex. Who else could it be besides Fleur, of Maison Fleur and Melissa from Fehr Trade. Read about how Melissa creates her activewear line and her active life. 

9/18- Find out more about Mari from Seamster Patterns on Lolita's blog. Mari is the awesome organizer behind SIM and you should head over to read about her motivations for starting the gathering of Indies. 

9/18-Annnddd, to wrap up and bookend the week, I hacked the Alberta Street Pencil skirt by Sew House 7. This was a super cute style and I demonstrate how to make the petite alterations, but also make a cargo pocket. Read more about it here!

So that's it folks! Stay tuned for more to come next week. 

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