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Moto Chic Jacket Sew-Along: Assemble the Body

Posted by Betsy Cook on

Now the fun begins! Let's get those sewing machines going.

Sew the Body

With the right sides together sew the center back seams, the side panels to the center back and the side fronts to the side panels.
If you are sewing with fabric, press open all the seam allowances you just sewed. 
If you are sewing with leather this is where the adhesive tape comes in. Now if you have ever had to apply plastic to drafty windows during the winter time you will be know all about that tricky double sided tape.
  • Peel off a strip from the roll and cut to the seam length.
  • Position next to the seam, ensuring that it sticks to the leather.
  • Peel off the backing and press seam allowance down over the tape. Be careful to do it so there are no ripples in the seam allowance as this tape can be really sticky.
  • Repeat for opposite side seam allowance.
  • Repeat for all remaining seams.

Assemble the skirt

With right sides together, join the center back seam of the skirt. Finish seam allowances as above.

Gather the Top of the Skirt

This gets a little tricky in leather, so make sure you use the longest stitch length possible and be gentle and patient. 
Pull the gathering threads until the skirt matches to the body. Use your fingers to smooth out and evenly distribute the gathers. Here is my method for making gathers:

Join the Skirt to the Body

Once the gathers are to your liking and the finished gathering matches to the body, sew the skirt to the body with right sides together. 
With right sides together, sew the right center front panel to the side front panel. Make sure that stitching stops 1/2" (1/2cm) from the edge.
Coming up: Sewing the zipper

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  • Hi Megan, I think corduroy is a good idea and I love the color. I think this would be a good choice.
    As for zippers I would suggest to go with zipper stop- They have YKK in a lot of options and they cut to the length you need for $1.

    Betsy on
  • Betsy- What do you think about making this in a corduroy? I think I was swayed by your beautiful color choice above, I have this in mind (since I have a gift certificate):
    Also, could you provide any tips about where to buy good quality zippers? I’m in New Mexico, so it will be an online purchase for me. Thanks!

    Megan @ TheGreenViolet on

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