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Moto Chic Jacket Sew-Along: Inserting the Zipper

Posted by Betsy C on

Onto the hard part, but no worries- you totally got this!

Disclaimer- I just realized that my main photo (coral color jacket) zipper is on the opposite side as the tutorial photos. Either way works, and the side that you zip on is a matter of personal preference. If you would prefer the zipper to be like the coral jacket photo then instead of applying the left CF panel to the body, Remove the left CF panel from the body and sew the right one to the body instead on the opposite side. However, for the sake of continuity I will continue with the way the blue jacket is done. 

This is going to be a diagram heavy post as I realized pictures get a little difficult to tell exactly what is going on for these small, but important details. Also, directions are given mainly for sewing with fabric, but leather instructions are clearly noted, so please pay close attention to the diagrams and labels.

If your left front panel is not interfaced, then apply an narrow strip along the CF edge to help prevent stretching when applying the zipper.

The below photograph shows the technique for leather. Note that I am using binder clips to hold the zipper in place as pins will not work with leather.

Back to the zipper instructions for fabric: 


Photo below is an example of doing this in leather. Note how I used paperclips in this instance to hold the layers together for sewing. 

Finish up the body zipper!

I hope everyone is still with me. Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification as this part is a little abstract. 

Next time: Inserting the sleeve & finishing the outer shell

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  • Good question! That is the piece that is already joined to the body.

    Betsy on
  • Hello! Me again! I have a question about the first zipper piece that’s sewn on to the CF panel – is that the panel that’s already attached to the jacket body, or one of the extra pieces yet to be added? Thank you!

    SewSouthLondon on

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