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Sewing Halloween Horrors:  The fear is real

Posted by Betsy C on

In honor of Halloween where we load up on candy and scary stories here are some scary sewing scenarios that instill fear in the heart of those who dare tread....

The Curse of the pins: 

Once upon a time as curse was made upon the households of those who sewed. Those who did not participate in sewing were to bear the brunt -  to face the fate of pins and needles. Could they walk through the sewing room unharmed? Would a pin find it's way through a toe? The males suffered the worst for their worries. Finding a pin randomly upon the floor was the equivalent to slaying a dragon for them. The sewists escaped virtually unscathed after each project. 
The curse continues to this day and sewists are still safe. We can step on them without severe injury and dip our fingers into a whole box of pins to grab a handful, much to the awe  and horror of those in fear. Kinda like a super power, right?

Fingers and Feed Dogs

Sometimes sewing can resemble something out the Saw movies- especially if you can't get your finger out of the way in time...
You are hunched over your machine in the dark room illuminated only by the lamp from above. You have been sewing for hours trying to make a deadline. Nothing like saving the tiny seam allowances and sharp miters until the wee hours. You put the pedal to the metal. The fabric glides under the foot and the feed dogs guide it through stitch by stitch as quickly approach a crucial turning point, like a car taking a curve too fast. You grab at the fabric trying to push it quickly in the direction it needs to go when-CLUNK! (yelp!). The sewing stops. Let's hope you have had your teatnus shot. 

The Vengeful Iron

What harm could an inanimate object wreak (need I remind you of Chucky ?). That sleek metal iron means no harm. Or does it?
Every part of your project is going great. You are whipping through the steps and mastering some new techniques. Yes, it will be awesome! But the iron has different plans. It waits patiently stalking it's prey from the vantage of the ironing board. You approach casually enough to give a white garment a final press and the iron delivers it's decisive blow, like venom from a snake! It's ruined a garment from leaking rusty water or worse yet- melting the fabric beyond repair. Beware, it usually holds out for special occasion garments. 

Fear of Failure

Fear occupies a small dark space in our psyches like that creepy room in a haunted house that you just don't want to go near. You get a bad vibe and are unsure what the outcome will be. These fears linger closely and whisper  "You can't do this" , or "You will never do it as well."  You start to believe that voice and dare not go further. Just the thought of trying elicits chills and dread. Usually those rooms are haunted for a reason: something unresolved.  
We all have our specific fears.  Sure one wrong move can nearly ruin a garment, but only by facing our fears we are be able to see the possibilities that lay beyond. 
Happy Halloween everyone! Watch those fingers!

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  • OMG! I know exactly what you are talking about. Thank goodness for glasses!

    Betsy on
  • The fear of eye foreign objects! Oh my gosh…. Once I broke the machine needle and thank goodness for my glasses !!!!

    raquel from JC on

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