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What Defines "Good Fit"

Posted by Betsy C on

I spend a lot of time thinking about fit, and how I determine what fits well.  I want to know what defines good fit for you and to hear your thoughts. You can add to the comments or fill out the survey below and let me know what your number one first concern is. Sure, maybe all apply, but what is the singularity that makes or breaks the project.  I think this is going to be interesting. 

What is your #1 fit concern
Close to the body- fitted to all of the curves
Ease of use- allows for proper movement
Style- the garment defines the look you are going for
Please Specify:

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  • I would say a combination of fitted to the curves and matches the style. I don’t want all my clothes to be tight-fitting, but for any style I don’t want sag lines or bunchiness. Things should drape like they are supposed to and hang smoothly where they are supposed to. Examples of ill-fitting garments would be bunching at the swayback point, a sleeve cap that collapses with proper tailoring, or a bust point that is not in the right place. Of course I’m far from perfect at accomplishing this, but that’s the goal!

    MadebyMeg on

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