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WIP's of the Week

Posted by Betsy C on

I am always amazed at the sewing speeds I see on social media.  I'm like, whoa! How do you have enough time to do that? (jealous!). Let's face it, based on all the pretty pictures, multiple weekly posts, and numerous finished garments, the pressure is on to create the next beautiful thing. I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way- even though I know I can only go at my own pace.

After looking back on the week and how much I snuck in my spare time, I often surprise myself. Maybe I don't have a new pattern ready to go each week, or even a finished garment worth talking about. But there is always a Work in Progress.  It's the little things that add up and finding moments for doing your own thing: 

Here are my WIPs for the week

I made myself a sweatshirt! These patterns are all over the place but I reinvented the wheel anyway. I bought myself the perfect, petite-friendly sweatshirt from Madewell....and proceeded to spill bleach on it immediately. I was not going to let it go that easy. I copied the shape and worked out the kinks to come up with the most perfect sweatshirt for moi. Somehow it ended up looking just like the Linden sweatshirt, same color and everything (not even intentionally)- only petite. I've been feeling the need for embellishment. It's like a fashion craving. Turns out that coming up with the perfect layout is easier said than done, so it remains plain. I am thinking now of a black version with crystal stones.

Have you made a Roscoe Blouse? This has been cut out for awhile and I finally started sewing. I have this beautiful dusty teal silk that is a pain to work with and smells a little like urine when ironed. But I have a ton of it so it's intended to be (fingers crossed) a wearable muslin-- after a trip to the dry cleaners. 

Since the Roscoe Blouse has a lot of shirring around the neckline and sleeves I was looking for some fancy smocking to do and hit up old reference books that have gathered dust on my shelves. Flipping through these were like catching up with old friends. Lots of fun stuff and new ideas.

I decided to wait and see how the muslin works out before investing in serious smocking hand work. 

Oh, look! Smocking! Distractions... I mean- inspiration, abound in Fabric Manipulation.

Pattern work is going on reluctantly because I am at the instruction phase. Admittedly this is not the fun, "let's make pretty things" part.  I forced myself to sit down and finish up the hand drawing so I can scan them in for easier illustration. Maybe it's double work, but it's the process that works for me right now. Sometimes I feel like it makes more sense when I do it with my hands before the computer. Fancy Kate Spade pencils and erasers also help. 

What's your WIP and how do you fit in your sewing into a busy schedule?

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  • Hannah, you are totally right! sometimes those 8 hour sewing periods are very hard to come by so the small chunks of time count the most.

    Betsy on
  • I’m nearing the end of a pair of Jamie jeans and I’m very excited to wear them! I’ve really been trying to take advantage of shorter chunks of sewing time. As I’ve been doing that I’ve realized how much it’s possible to get done in short but regular periods of time. It seemed hard to believe that I could get much done in shorter periods of time but not holding out on sewing until I have time to sew for 8 hours straight is really helping me. And I think I make fewer mistakes because I’m not exhausted!
    I love the fabric you have for your Roscoe blouse, what a fantastic color!!

    Hannah on
  • I can so relate when it comes to seeing the rate a which others seem to turn out a new item. But then I have to remind myself of my situation. Great save for your shirt and now you can make many more too. Like the idea of first hand drawing the illustrations and then scanning them. Looking forward to seeing your Roscoe blouse.

    FT Haskett on

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