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SBCC Sample Sale

Posted by Betsy C on

Space is definitely a commodity when you live and work out of an apartment. We all know how fast sewing projects can accumulate when you are on a roll. Multiply that by numerous fit samples and photo samples and you have my situation. I need to keep things moving to make room for the new. 

Today is the official opening of the SBCC Sample Sale shop! Peruse my sample rack and find that garment that has your name written all over it.  If you are a size extra small then you may just be in luck (but keep an eye open for more plus sizes to come).

Sure, I could donate them, but because they are handmade items they may not make the final cut for the sales floor and instead go to the shredder pile (insert quivering lip and tear). I made these with my own hands, invested the time and energy so I would like someone to appreciate them. 

Now these may not be the most beautifully finished garments that you have ever seen and some I have realized the fit was not what I needed so they were left as is. However, one thing you can count on are nice quality fabrics. I hate sewing with cheap fabrics. Not to be a snob, but it's just my thing. I feel more invested and will be less likely to just give up and toss it. Anyone else feel this way?

Garments are priced to move and basically recoup my fabric costs (so I can buy more! Mua ha ha ha!). Check it out today!

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  • I’m excited to see the Sample Sale and hoping that you’ll add larger sizes (if you have them in your workspace)!

    Aura Oriano on

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