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Huge Discount! SBCC Spring Pattern Pack

Posted by Betsy C on

You are so over your winter wardrobe. New frocks have hit the stores. Those heavy spring magazines have been flipped through a couple of times now. Inspiration levels are running high. Spring is in the air and the urge to make some new clothes is taking over.

New season means a new look. 

Why not kick start your sewing off with a bargain. Guys, this isn't just any SBCC sale. This is a big one!

 Get the Mimosa, Collins and Gibson Blouse as a set of 3 for 40% off.  

What happens if you already own one of the patterns? You still get a better deal buying all three because the pricing structure means only one pattern is sold at full price. A great bargain if you only want two of the patterns.  

What are you waiting for? Get yours before the sale ends May 31st!

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  • Sorry, but this was a limited time offer and sale ended on may 31st.

    Betsy on
  • I looking to get the spring pattern pack from about a yr ago, is that possible? It had 3 shirt or top patterns in it, the Mimosa, Collins and Gibson

    Phyllis on

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