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WIP: The Summer Edition

Posted by Betsy C on

Hey everyone! I know, it's been pretty quiet around SBCC, but that's usually a good thing. It means stuff is going on, such as the new Rickey Blazer coming for the fall (yes, this is finally happening!) I'm gonna admit, those 200+ ideas I had in my head for summer patterns are just not gonna happen. I have started to accept that there is only so much I can only get so much done during a single day. "Edit the workload" is my new motto. I have been guilty of putting too much on my plate and then being disappointed and frustrated that it didn't all happen. Surely I'm not the only one who does this, right? But, on that same note, a bit of irony:  I am hoping for one late summer release, so lets see what happens (fingers crossed!). 

Share Your Stuff
For the most part, we SBCC petites are a quiet bunch. We have things to do and are on to the next project. However, I have been getting lots of requests to show more pictures of SBCC styles. I do what I can, but I need your help! Take it to social media: Tag me on Instagram and I will share your pics (I have done poorly with this in the past, but I am resolved to do better!) If you don't want to include your face, that's ok (I am sooo not photogenic so I get it!) if you don't have a social media account, you can even email me and I will post it up.

I just set up the SBCC Patterns Community group on Facebook! This is exciting news as I have had lots of request for this. Share your makes and discuss SBCC in this forum. Just bear with me as I figure it all out- every time I go in to change a setting I feel like I am falling down the rabbit hole, not sure where I will pop up. But anyway- I think it's going to be cool. 



I was recently interviewed by Teresa of Canary knits for her #knitpetiteproject. She has been gathering all sorts of petite content on her site that is tailored for knitters but also really applicable to sewing as well. There is just so much information that I suggest grabbing a cup of joe and sitting down for a good read- check it out!

Pattern Add ons are ending

The Tai Dress and Bronx Dress have had makeovers which include add on pieces which have been around for awhile now. In an effort to avoid confusion/misleading information, they will no longer be offered. However, you have until the end of august to grab yours. Also, If you find down the road, that you would like the add- on pieces, just email me. (

Fitting Project

I am working on a new blog series about fit issues. If there is anything specific you would like to know, learn or understand- give me a shout. I'm open for any ideas.  

Picnic Dress Photo

No, this isn't the next SBCC pattern! But I couldn't  resist sharing a pic I snapped in Shanghai in a very fashionable mall. Apparently picnic chic, complete with seafood and lemon are all the rage. Personally, I wouldn't wear it, but it looks awfully fun to make. Organza lemons!!!

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  • @ Miss Crayola Creepy. OMG, that would be awesome about the images! I may have to hit you up :)

    Betsy on
  • @ Kathy- If you are purchasing the pattern for the first time, all of the add on pieces will be included in the file. The add-ons are only for those who have already purchased and may be missing the update :)

    Betsy on
  • Can’t waittttttt for the new patterns! I selfishly hope that there is an end of summer pattern release, but don’t stress yourself out. I don’t mind waiting for next year either :) P.S. If you need any high res pictures of stuff I have made I am more than happy to send them your way :)

    Miss Crayola Creepy on
  • If I buy a paper Tai dress before the end of August, I should buy the paper pattern plus the add on (if I want it)? After August, The additional neckline will not be available as an add on for paper? Is this correct? Thanks. I’m just confused because I don’t own the Tai dress pattern yet, but my paper pattern of the Bronx includes the add on.

    Kathy on

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