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Petite Alterations: Necklines are Too Low

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Now I am not a prude, but I feel that my bra gets a lot more viewing time when it comes to scoopneck tops. The necklines are just low enough that there is usually some peekage. So should you buy the garment that is just a little lower than you would like? Sure, but make sure you purchase a coordinating cami to go underneath. The fact of the matter is that necklines are virtually unfixable without changing the armhole. One of the few and best ways would be via armhole length reduction as discussed in “Armholes are too low”, or to fix from the pattern stage.  However, the best time to fix a neckline is at the pattern stage. Here are a couple of ideas on how to go about raising the neckline if you are making your own clothes:
Raise-a-neck-drop-pic-1 Raise-the-neck-drop-pic-2 raise-the-neck-drop-pic-3

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