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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I purchased a PDF pattern, but have not received a link or cannot find the link. Where can I find the pattern?

A:  Upon completion of the checkout forms (even for the free patterns) go to your email account that you provided. You will have two emails- one is a receipt and the other contains the link to the patterns. Click on the name of the pattern and you are good to go! It should end up in your downloads folder.

Q: How do you define "Petite"?

A: SBCC petites are 5 ft 4" (1.63M) and under and 5'1" (1.55M) is the base height for all SBCC patterns.


Q: What cup size do you draft for?

A: This is always a tricky question for me to answer. I don't believe one cup size fits all. Cups sizes tend to become larger as the rest of the body does, so I grade for increased dart compression on styles that feature bustling seaming and darts. For a thorough explanation check it out here.


Q: How do I download your free patterns? 

A: Go to the product page and place in your shopping cart as if making a purchase. Fill out the info and you will get the file delivered to your email. 


Q: Why do you need my information for a free pattern? 

A: well, it's not me, it's the way the processing system was designed and I am not so tech savvy to figure out an easier way. No worries- your info is safe. I barely have time to brush my hair in the mornings let alone find ways to sell info or spam you. I'm busy making patterns. 


Q: I'm not a petite. Can I still use your patterns?

A: sure, most styles have cut line indications for where to add the length. A good starting place for de-petiting would be to add 1" to bodice lengths, 2+" to hems and 1" to sleeves. Of course it depends on your height, so making a muslin is a good idea. 


Q: My PDF pattern will not print/print to scale.

A: Each operating system varies and your computer settings are out of my control. However, I can give you some tips: Download Adobe Reader. It's free and can be used for all kinds of PDF's not just patterns. It also has the easiest dialog and settings window when "Print" is selected. Check that scale is set to 100% and select the little box that says "Actual Size". There is a scale box on the first printed page for you to check, at which time you can cancel printing the whole pattern if this box is not right. All patterns have been pretested for scale and downloaded and printed successfully by many users, so I can assure you that I have not sent you a defective file. If you are having difficulties, I suggest restarting Adobe Reader and downloading the file again. Additionally, I suggest to print from your desktop as I have heard rumors of scaling issues when printing from a tablet or phone.


Q: I am not sure of what size to buy as some of my measurements work for the XXS-L size range and some for the XL-3X size range. I am right in between. 

A: Each size range is a separate pattern: separate fittings, separate samples, separate models, separate grading. Basically all my costs are doubled because I offer two size ranges, so I need to recoup my expenses and am unable to offer the second size range for free. However, I am working on creating an overlapping size structure to eliminate this issue. You can always email me and we can discuss what size you should choose. 


Q: Do you sell wholesale? 

A: At this point I dont have my act together- just yet. I can print in small print runs (10) max per style right now. If this fits the bill I can rig something up for you. However, currently it's not profitable for me to do the same amount of labor in a bulk situation (I know that sounds weird, but trust me on this one). 


Q: What skill level are your patterns designed for?

A: SBCC patterns are designed for intermediate/ advanced because it is assumed that basic techniques are understood, such as when to press and how to sew a dart, etc…However, if you are a patient beginner you will find that SBCC patterns sew together quite easily. Instructions leave room for the techniques that suit your skill level best.