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Introducing the Brooklyn Hoodie

Posted by Betsy C on

SBCC Brooklyn Hoodie

It's about time for a new pattern, right!? I had a lot of styles in the works progressing at a nice leisurely pace, but everything ground to a halt when I knew what was needed to be done. I am the queen of causal and layering, so a hoodie that would help transition to colder weather and keep me toasty all winter long was a no-brainer. I made my prototype and it was love at first try-on. I was obsessed and I knew that this was too good not to share. 

Brooklyn Hoodie

Let me introduce you to my new pattern BFF: The Brooklyn Hoodie. This is one of those really satisfying makes like the Tonic Tee or Pinot Pants. Something that you will sew a dozen times because you instinctively grab for it when you are cold or just don't want to think about what to wear. Hoodies are a staple, but I like to give my staples a twist and set them apart. The Brooklyn hoodie is the sophisticated older sister of your former gym gear: 

The Fit

Body-con and form fitting is out (according to almost every retailer out there :(  ), and everything is so over-sized and tent-like.  Where is the happy medium and how does a petite wear the over-sized look without looking like you are wearing your man's garb? I wanted to take this look but make it workable for a hoodie so here's what I did - I took the standard hoodie and made it a drop shoulder to appear over-sized, created a roomier bust, but slimmed the torso and the sleeves to tone the volume down. The sleeves are a touch longer than usual petite because I like my hoodie sleeves to hit around the knuckle of the thumb.  Body length is crucial for petites so the short version hits at the top of the hip bones (for 5'1") and the long version is like a cozy blanket; a perfect cold weather cover up that is long enough to cover your bum. 

I am biased, but I think this one is a keeper. 

The Details

A hoodie needs good sized pockets for the phone and keys, right?  No one wants to worry about them falling out. We just don't need to have that kind of bad day.  Also, there are plenty of awesome pullover patterns out there but a zip front was essential so you can whip it off quick before a workout or grab it on the way out the door. Then, what's a hoodie without the hood? I made sure this one was deep enough to cover your hair (either protecting or hiding, depending on the day) and still have enough fabric to shield you face from the elements or the paparazzi The hood features a center panel inset to eliminate the  pointy "elf-hat" look. 

Forget the $$$ RTW hoodies. Make your own and judge all those store-bought hoodies harshly. 

What are you waiting for! Grab yours today! The Brooklyn Hoodie is also the perfect gift to make for those ladies on your holiday list. 

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  • Awesome news Erin! You will love it! Thanks for your support!

    Betsy on
  • Ordered!!!!! I have some fabric waiting that will be perfect. It’s meant to be! :)

    Miss Crayola Creepy on
  • The zipper length for the long version depends upon the size you choose, but it goes from 22 3/4" for the size XXS to almost 26" for the 3X

    betsy on
  • the hood is unlined, just like the body

    Betsy on
  • why you didn’t show the hood? Is the hood lined?

    raquel from JC on

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