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Brooklyn Hoodie Inspiration

Posted by Betsy C on

Nothing beats a project that goes together in no time flat. The Brooklyn Hoodie can be one of these projects. Come and join in the sew-along the festivities officially starting 1/7. I was hesitant to do sew alongs at first thinking it would be too much work, but it turns out it's kinda fun and I get to ramble on about the little details and tips that don't quite fit into the sewing directions. Also, it's your chance to ask as we go along. 

Still on the fence? Let me tempt you with some delicious and unexpected inspirational fabrics. 

1. French Terry from Felinus Fabrics
2. French Terry from Urban Rag Trader
3. Rayon/polyester Novelty Jersey from B&J Fabrics
4. French Terry from Urban Rag Trader

5. Hatchi jersey sweater from
6. French Terry from Hellgate Fabrics (I used this for the sew along hoodie!) 
7. Neoprene from Miss Matabi 
8. Fleece from Fabric Bravo

9. Novelty Jersey from B&J Fabrics
10. Fleece from DeCousuCa
11. French Terry from FabricBonita
12. French Terry from

13. Liberty of London French Terry from B&J Fabrics
14. Organic Cotton Fleece from Sew Fine
15. Wool/Lace double face Jersey from B&J Fabrics
16. French Terry from FabricsBonita

How about some RTW ideas that you can totally do yourself:

Want more ideas? Check out my Hoodie Inspiration Board on Pinterest
Coming up: Getting your supplies together.

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