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Trade Lingo: What is HPS?

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Do you consult finished garment measurements for lengths? If you are petite, garment length is a big deal.  Maybe you check this out before you start cutting to get a general idea of how long a garment will look on your body. But what is the best way to judge?

You have probably seen the letters "HPS" if you have perused SBCC finished garment measurements. This acronym stands for High Point of Shoulder. 

The highest point of the shoulder is the best position, in my opinion, of fixed placement that works for most tops, blouses, dresses, etc. to judge length. You position a tape next to your neck and measure down. Easy, right?

This may vary ever so slightly based on neck widths, but it gives you the best gauge on how long a garment will be without the contortionist moves of trying to figure out CB length. 

What is your preferred method of measuring body length? 

Trade Lingo

HPS sounds a little odd, right? Well, I have my own lingo- sorta, not really. I use standard garment industry terms because that's the language I use on a daily basis.  Some terms make sense others have been grandfathered in with all their weirdness ("punch bunny" anyone?). Terms like HPS I just can't rework for mass appeal. It would feel off to me and I think it is actually pretty useful.

I'm sure you have your own work lingo also. I ran across this series by NPR on Trade Lingo. There is even a short segment on language of knitting. Check it out if you like to geek out on this sort of thing like I do.

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  • Thanks for the explanation, I’d never heard of the term HPS before.

    Jan Di Marco on

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