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All About Copyshop Printing

Posted by Betsy C on

I know a lot of you have been supporters of the SBCC printed patterns. When I had to discontinue them many worried that pasting together tiled pages would be the only way that you could get your petite fit. For the most part, this is how things were set up for a long time.

But really, who wants to be stuck taping pages together? As I go through all the SBCC pattern updates, I am adding a copyshop option to all SBCC patterns. With new releases I get a lot of questions on how copyshop patterns work, what they are, and how to get them printed. So here is your official guide!

What is a copyshop PDF?

A copyshop PDF is a large format document file that is specifically set up to be printed on large format printers. For instance, if you are in the US and you go to a large office supply store, there is a service counter in the store for custom printing. Here they would have the printers needed to print copyshop files.

Copyshop Dimensions and details: 

SBCC copyshop files are set up to work with both A0 and 36" wide printers. The dimensions for printing in the US are 36" X 46". Everywhere else would be 84cm by 119cm.

As per standard PDF printing, always ensure/select "print to scale". Do not "shrink to fit" otherwise this will distort your pattern.

A scale box is included at the top of each page to double check the proportions have been maintained. 

How to get a copyshop version of an SBCC Pattern

You do not need to purchase a copyshop file separately. All available formats come with the singular purchase of your SBCC pattern. The only reason it would not come with a copyshop option is if the pattern has not been updated. However, in each product description, the available formats are listed for your reference.

If you have purchased an SBCC pattern in the past, but was updated to include the copyshop option, a new link would have been sent to you to download, so please check your emails. 

What to do first: 

1) Locate the file that has "copyshop" in its name.

2) Open the file. As with all SBCC PDF patterns you will need a PDF reader program/app. The most commonly used program is Adobe Acrobat Reader Acrobat. This is a free download and is something you probably already have on your computer as it is a frequently used program. If you don't have it, don't hesitate to get it. It takes up little space and will come in handy for other PDFS that come your way.

3) Select your size(s). You will see the pattern laid out on the screen and on the left hand side you will see all the sizes with a little eyeball next to it. Click on the eyeball for all the sizes you do not need to hide the visiblity. Make sure you select the text and grainline option so you have this important information. If you plan on grading between sizes you may need to select a couple of different sizes. 

You cannot ask the printer to select the sizes for you, so this is an important step if you need only specific layers.

4) Save a copy. When all the layers on the screen look like what you need, save a copy of this file to your desktop or file folders to maintain the layers that you need. 

Who Can Print this for me?

Large Office Supply Stores:

If you need instant gratification or next day, I would stick with your local big box office supply store. You can either upload the PDF file to their website or show up with file in hand. Just be sure to mention the dimensions (The dimensions for printing in the US are 36" X 46". Everywhere else would be 84cm by 119cm.)

Independent printers:

There are also lots of independent PDF pattern printers that allow you to upload your file to their website. They will print it and ship it to you.

I'm going to insert a bit of a cheat here and redirect because Helen, at Helens Closet Patterns, has put together a great resource for copyshop printing services worldwide. This is better than anything I could come up with so I wanted to share. Both pricing and output are listed for your easy reference.

Additionally I had a lot of people recommend, so it may be worthwhile to check out.

A Quick Side Note about the Big Box Store: Beware of Kyle

Now, if you show up to the store or phone a question in, you could talk to "Kyle". He may tell you that he doesn't think they can print this file and you should refer back to me, while he goes back to scrolling his phone. 

Let me stop you here. SBCC files are set up specifically for a universal copyshop printing. There is nothing unusual about them other than they are a larger format and many, many SBCC customers have had success without assistance. You did not receive a defective file. I would not do that to you.

Kyle can do this. Please push him a little bit or ask if he has a manager that can assist, because I guarantee that they do this unless their printer is broken. Kyle has advised many SBCC customers that he doesn't know how or thinks SBCC files are the problem, but someone at the store knows how to do this.

The reason that Kyle needs to help you is because at this point, I cannot provide support on getting your pattern printed. I just don't work at a copyshop nor am I an expert on what they should do. I have set up the file to work for copyshop printing, but beyond this I don't know what kind of technical set up or issues may have happened in the download process. I hope you understand.

How will I get this to the printer?

Uploads: The easiest way to get your copyshop files to the printer is to upload  the PDF file that you have saved directly to the website of whoever will print your files. Each place is different so it's worth a perusal of the website options.

Most independent companies make the process so smooth that you barely have to think. They know what type of file to expect from you so generally, it's just an option to upload and then some additional details.

However, big box stores can be more complex. You will have to look through their main menu for "printing services" or similar wording and navigate through their options to find what you need. 

Regardless of who is printing, just be sure to check the number of pages in your file before you submit to be sure you are ordering the correct number of pages. 

Walk in the store:

You can take your PDF file, that is in your email, to the store and they will help guide you with the transfer by having you email them the file, or you could bring it on a flash drive.

Just like anything, the first time you get a copyshop file printed it may be a little bumpy because there are nuances to any system and processes, but what you get the hang of it, you'll love the convenience of not having to tape together pages.

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