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Gimlet Blouse Sleeve Hack

Posted by Betsy C on

Who doesn't love a project that is so super simple and still looks like you spent hours making it, right? 

The Gimlet Blouse is one of my personal faves. It's an easy sew-in under one hour, and the shape is forgiving and slimming. But why leave it at just that? Kick it up a notch with this easy sleeve detail. 

Here's how:

So yeah, that's basically it. Super easy trick for a super easy top. Plus, the PDF is only $8 bucks so you can't beat that!

And for your further entertainment- I'm not so photogenic. So nothing helps an already awkward model more than my "pattern assistant" being thrush into my arms for forced photo bomb. That is the face of disapproval- but check out that sleeve!

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