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Meet the Pegu Pattern Testers

Posted by Betsy C on

For a lot of sewists, a pair of pants can be a bit panic inducing.

"Will they fit?"

"If they don't fit, how do I fix them?"

"OMG, I fixed them now I have other issues. This is impossible!"

But then you have the brave Pegu Pant Testers willing to give it a go. Running head first into the world of pants fitting. Yes, these ladies have been an amazing team and a great help to fine tune the Pegu Pants. Below is a sampling of the wonderful testers that helped out. As we all know there are never enough hours in the day, so there are still some tester photos pending. Be sure to check back. 

The critical part of the testing process of the Pegu Pants was to recognize consistent fit issue or areas of improvement on a range of bodies and different fabrications. For the sake of full disclosure, most of the testers felt that the fit around the crotch area could use more width. The final pattern reflects this, but the tester photos may not, unless they adjusted.

Without further ado, meet the testers!


Hip- 40" (102cm)

Size she made: Large

Where you can find her: @bonkersblonde


Waist- 30" (76cm)

Hip- 38" (96.5cm)

Size she made: Medium

Where you can find her: @twbstrbmaking


Waist- 42"(106.5cm)

Hip- 53" (134.5cm)

Height- 5'3" (160cm)

Size she made- 2x, 29" inseam

Where to find her- @glamagrrl


Waist- 29"(74cm)

Hips- 34"(86cm)

Height- 5ft (154cm)

Size she made- Small

Where you can find her: @cherrymumma


Waist- 29"(74cm)

Hips-38" (95.5cm)

Height- 4ft 11" (150cm)

Size she made- Small, 26" inseam

Where you can find her- @a.little.quiet 


Waist- 31.5" (80 cm)

Hips 38.5" (98 cm)

Size she made: Medium

Where you can find her: @doctorstitches


Waist- 25"(63.5cm)

Hips-25" (63.5cm)

Height- 5ft 1"(155cm)

Size she made: XXS and graded the hips out to an XS.

Where you can find her: @judgejordy


Waist 26.5"(67cm)

Hips 33"(84cm)

Size she made: XSmall

Where you can find her: @kiwi.bruin.creations


Waist- 30" (76cm)

Hip- 40" (101.5cm)

Size she made:  Medium with 28" inseam

Height- 5'4"(162.5cm) 

Where you can find her: @mariesubstanceofliving


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