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Meet The Pina Vest and Jacket

Posted by Betsy C on

This new pattern was inspired by the endless aisles of fleece at our favorite big box fabric stores. You know what I am talking about. The multiple aisles that you have to pass in search of something specific and you wonder just how much more can it go on? 

I admit I was a bit of a fabric snob about fleece. It seemed really generic and the fact that Disney characters can be printed on it didn't really put it high up on my list. But then my Mom made me a fleece blanket and I was hooked. On a cold night watching a movie there is nothing better than a fleece blanket and sipping a hot toddy. By the end of the movie you'll be baking. 

My hands are cold from October until May so warm clothes are a must. This blanket inspired me to make a Brooklyn Hoodie and see if it could keep me warm in my cold workroom. I made it in black with some cool trim detail so I would be proud to wear my fleece out and about. I think I've worn it so much now that the dog hair is permanently embedded, so I'll call it a success and the inspiration for the latest SBCC pattern. 

I wanted to create a style that could elevate your typical fleece with something a bit more fashionable than the standard fare. I present to you the Pina Vest and Jacket. But it's not just for fleece. You could also make it heavier weight sweatshirt materials, quilted knit fabrics, even faux fur. Anything thicker with a little bit of stretch should work nicely. 

The Pina Vest and Jacket are not super heavy duty outerwear. This style is unlined so you can wear it while winter decides if it's done or not, or as a warming topper as you work. I moved to a climate where winter is more mild and am always grabbing my vest for my errands to pop over a long sleeve top.

Let me tell you what I love most about Pina- the pockets! The front peplum has really nice deep pockets that are perfect for stashing your phone, keys and cards for those in and out trips. 

The Pina Vest and Jacket is super versatile and there is definitely going to be a look that fits your style with all of the available combinations. There are three different necklines to choose from: collar, collarless and hood. And you have the option of sleeve or no sleeve. Three different cup options are also included so you should be able to find the right fit for your bust. 

Currently, the Pina is only available in Petite. I mulled this one over hard, but there would be just too many files to choose from and I didn't want to do that to your brains. But if you are average height, I would recommend just adding a 1/2" to the bodice length and a half inch to the peplum height and you should be good to go. If I get enough interest I may make up an average height file for sale. 

I have set up the pattern to have a definite separation for jacket pieces and vest pieces. I wanted to make this easy with only one file to choose from, but then I totally screwed up my own sample. Yes, it was a bit of a meltdown moment. I mistakenly cut the vest bodice for a sleeve sample. I should have known better and double checked myself. Nope. I went and sewed a whole perfect jacket. I even photographed it. But looking at the photographs I was like, huh, something is weird.... why does it look so strange? Face palm! Don't be me. I have set up the file so you really have to be deliberate in your choice and you'll get the pieces you need. 

Sidenote- if you have tiny shoulders, you may want to try the vest option for your jacket sleeve.

Thanks for sticking in with all of my personal ancedotes. I hope you love the Pina Vest and Jacket as much as I do! Grab your own copy today. It is 15% off until March 6th 2021. 


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  • As a busty petite, living in a warm climate, this is the perfect vest/jacket for autumn, winter and spring. My Small F/G cup is 2"-3" bigger difference than your biggest cup size so I may still need a small FBA, but the design lines simplify that. Thankyou for a great design.

    Karey on
  • Stylish jacket with the cosiness of a cardigan

    Marieke Holleman-Bartels on
  • I really like this, but I am not petite. If you decide to release it in average height, I would purchase it.

    Kathy on
  • Excellent. Honestly I am a socal gurl with a minimal outdoorsy inclination but I definitely like the lines of this and would still feel very pulled together and cozy on Ca cool nights and cold spells! I am definitely picking up this new release and so appreciative of the size range too! Brava!

    Vanessa Lewis on
  • I live where it is about to get too warm for this, but I am loving it. You have been designing my perfect pandemic wardrobe.

    Andrea on

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