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Paloma Sew Along Day 6- Finish it Up- All Views

Posted by Betsy C on

The last few steps!

For all views:

1) Fold back the bottom facing edge to match to the body. (The facing should extend 3/8" (1cm) past the longer hem). Sew along the bottom edge.

2) Turn right side out. 

3) Turn up the bottom hem and topstitch all around.

For the Pleated Front View: 

1) Position the center front edges together inside to inside.

2) Topstitch along the specified line from the bottom hem to the dot to endpoint of stitches.

3) At this point, I suggest to try on the blouse and see how you like the neckline. You can always stitch higher if you would like less décolletage showing or take stitches out if you dare to go lower. Also, at this time you can determine how you like the collar folded. Safety pin in place then take off and Iron to make the collar fold permanent.

For the Collar Version: 

1) Add the buttons and the the buttonholes. Remember, buttons go on your left side (when worn) and buttonholes on the right. Don't be like me and mix them up. (well you can, not a big deal, but this is the standard).

2) Try on the blouse and check the collar and lapel. Pin in place where you like it to lay. Take it off and iron in place. 

Thank you to anyone following along. I hope you love your Paloma Blouse!

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