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The Easiest Pattern Hack Ever!

Posted by Betsy C on


I just love a go to Pattern, don’t you? We all have those patterns that are blank canvases for the next project and you can easily tweak them to your vision. To a certain extent this thought process goes into all of sbcc patterns. There is always a way to pattern hack them into something new and different. The Bronx dress is a popular pattern hack and so is the tonic tee. But my latest hack is for the Brooklyn Hoodie. This one is so easy to turn into your basic sweatshirt or pullover you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Ok, wait for it.....
All you have to do is:
1) Make a new curve 3/8" (1cm) from the neckline edge. Cut off.
2) Make a new curve 3/8" (1cm) away from the current back neckline edge. Trim this section off.

    3) Mark 3/8” (1cm) down on the center front and trim off.

    To make the neckband piece let’s count on it finishing 5/8” (1.5cm) wide. With that in consideration, make a rectangle piece 2” (5cm) wide by the following lengths for your size:

      Just remember, any knit neckband needs to be experimented with as to how much to stretch it to make sure it will fit the neckline, smooth and flat. The dimensions I am providing factor in 1” (2.5cm) shorter length than the neckline circumference, but you will have to play with it. My advice is to baste it in place to check the length. Remove the basting stitches and cut to the correct length. Once the correct length is determined, turn the band so right sides are together.
      Stitch the ends closed to clean finish. Sew back on to the neckline.
      Pretty basic, right? Here's the end result: 
      I whipped this up in under an hour so I could wear it hiking the next day. A little rumpled but it got the job done. Here's an action shot! (My hiking pal decided the pic was about him.) 
      Stay tuned for the next Brooklyn Hoodie hack where I get a little edgier!
      Want to get in on the action and have a super easy and comfy wardrobe staple? Get your copy of the Brooklyn Hoodie. 

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      • Would loooveee to see a stand up collar hack! 🤗

        Cheri on

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