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My Interfacing of Choice

Posted by Betsy on

black fusible

The purpose of fusible is to add stability and body to a garment. This should not include making a garment as stiff as a board. Most options available at mainstream sewing retailers include the stiffest, paper-like interfacing and versions of.

For me, anything paper, or pellon-ish is bad. Fusible should be so light in comparison to the main fabric that it is almost not noticeable. I prefer to use a tricot knit version that offers the most flexibility and ease of use. It moves with the fabric and tends to last through many washings much better. I use this for both knits and wovens. For jackets, I use the same, just a slightly heavier version. I like to keep different weights in my fusible stash in both grey and white. Also, I find it easier to remove if I choose that it is not the right weight or placement.

It’s not a bad idea do test swatches using different types of fusible on your fabric of choice to judge which hand feel works best.

white fusible

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