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Introducing the Sazerac Dress and Vest

Posted by Betsy C on

If I have to admit a particularity towards one item of clothing I would have to say it's a vest. I'm not generally one for layering or much styling, but a vest has always held a soft spot in my closet. I'm sure everyone has their own version of this where there are items of clothing or silhouettes that you always gravitate towards. 

I've been waiting, poised to pounce on the moment that vests started having their moment again, and friends, I think that moment is upon us- or at least I'm saying it is. Meet the Sazerac Vest and Dress. Yes, you heard me right- a vest and a dress! It just makes sense that a traditional princess seam vest can easily become a dress and you know how I love options. 

I wanted a vest that could be worn as a top during the summer, but nothing seems to exist that is petite friendly- all the vests were just too low cut for shorties. The neckline on the Sazerac is just right for petites to be able to confidently wear and not feel too exposed. 

The thing I love about this pattern is that it is seasonless. The dress can easily be made in something lightweight and flowy for the sleeveless summer option, but then also out of something thicker and heavier like a suiting fabric and worn with a turtleneck or a long sleeve blouse for the fall and winter with your favorite boots. The vest can be made out of wool as a layering item for colder temps and then made out of linen for the warmer season. 

Now there are a couple of things that I took an unconventional stance on. Firstly, the Sazerac Vest and Dress are unlined. We don't necessarily need additional layers that make it hot to wear and heavy. I did experiment with putting in a lining in the vest view, but guys, the steps involved were crazy. The process was just as complex as a fully lined jacket, if not more so. I stopped mid sample and chucked the idea.  I feel like this should be a quick-ish sew. 

Secondly, this may be a controversial move, but not every part of your sewing projects has to be bragworthy of couture-like finishes. I'm giving you a pass on the vest pockets because they are faux. Let's face it, nothing fits in these pockets. Why spend the time on something that is not useable. You aren't going to put your hands here, your phone wont fit, and even the standard car key would be too big. You don't have to include them at all, but I thought it added to the traditional look without all the work. 

The dress view does feature deep, accommodating pockets with a cuffed edge top to give it a little something extra. It's a detail that is quick to do. The dress also has the option to include waist ties that wrap around the body if you want more definition here, but the Sazerac is rather shapely. If you want to do the waist ties, make sure to refer to the cutting chart in the sewing directions because they were too long to include  as an actual pattern piece. 

The Sazerac Vest and Dress also features 3 different cup sizes to make sure you are covered for your personalized fit. The sizing is XXS-4X, so every body is included.

The best fabrics to use are woven non-stretch. This means you have lots of options: suiting fabrics, flannel, linen, rayon, heavier weight silks, etc..There is a lot of room for creativity here. 

Get your copy of the Sazerac Vest and Dress today!

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  • I like the look of the vest, but would like to see back view, both worn and style drawing

    Kart on

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