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Introducing the Pegu Pants

Posted by Betsy C on

We've all had those kind of days where we just need comfy pants. You've squished yourself into a pair of skinny jeans all day or you've been wearing work trousers that either pinch or keep riding in a direction you don't want them to go and require adjustment every time you move.

But then you get home and you grab for the pants that are the equivalent of a long exhalation breath after a very long day. Oh, elastic waists, how we love thee! These pants are the Pegu Pants. 

The Pegu Pants are your perfect lounging, comfy pants that you will want to reach for by default. I know this because they snuck their way into my wardrobe.

The Pegu Pants originally started as the cool cropped length that I wore all summer. Culottes (view B), is what I'd call them. Easy breezy pull on pants that mimic the fullness of a skirt. But, ugh, it's going to get colder and then I'm stuck with my jeans and yoga pants that I'm just not always feeling...I wanted a pair of pants to look forward to wearing and don't have the word compression in their description. 

I have this weird relationship with garments I make. Most of the time I finish them and they sit unworn for a bit. I think I have to allow for an adjustment period for new garments since I love my standards so much. But the Pegu Pants were different. My terra-cotta French Terry Pegu pants have been in regular rotation since finishing them. Yes- teracotta! My black and navy standards have been usurped.

The Details: 

The Pegu Pants come in 3 different style lengths- shorts (View C), cropped (view B), and full length (view A). If you are a fan of the Pinot Pant inseam customization then you'll find the same options as part of the Pegu Pants. You can pick your inseams all the way from 26" to 32" (66cm-81cm). 

As I mentioned above, the Pegu Pants started out as the cropped version with a wide, flowy leg shape. However, just extending this to full length was not the most flattering for petite figures. I wanted a generous leg shape, but not so wide that it is overwhelming. The full length option is slightly slimmer, but still gives the look of a wide leg opening. The shorts are a super easy sew for anyone looking for a either the perfect sleep short or something that looks more polished in the right fabric, as secret pajamas.

The rises are intended to be mid-rise- for petites. I know for most shorties that invokes visions of the waist hitting just below your bra line. Nope, but they aren't hip huggers either. They are at that "just right" position. But the great thing about the rise height is that if you have a longer torso these should be a good fit for you. They may sit a little lower than it would on straight petites, but still pretty workable. In summary, average height gals are covered as well. 

All views feature the option for a front pocket because we love pockets. 


The Pegu Pants are intended for knit fabrics. There are a lot of options out there  so let's narrow it down by telling you what not to make them out of: Woven fabrics (maybe, but you would need to bump up a size and add a zipper), flimsy thin jersey that you may think twice cutting a t-shirt out of because it's see-thru. The fabric needs to have some weight. 

Sizing and Formats: 

As per SBCC standards, there are two size ranges, XXS-XL and XL-4X. All sizes are available in both printed, tiled PDF or copy shop versions. The great thing about the digital files is that you can select just the size you want to print. 

Sewing the Pegu Pants

The Pegu Pants are a relatively easy/quick sew. I've made a bunch of these already and I've gotten it down to about 1 1/2 hours to make a pair from cutting to hemming. 

I will be doing a short sew along in upcoming blog posts for those who would like additional visuals. Keep an eye out for it!

The Pegu Pants pattern will be available for 15% off for a limited time so grab yours before the sale ends! 


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