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New Pattern Alert! Meet Flora

Posted by Betsy C on

Let's face it, the Rickey Jacket was one of the more time consuming SBCC projects, right? Whenever I finish a big project I gravitate towards something easy and quick to sew, something that re-establishes "yeah, I got this!" Something that makes me feel like I can go back to sewing all the things. Surely we all appreciate a project that you can finish in one afternoon?

Look no further than Flora! Depending on your sewing speed you can whip up this blouse in no time. For those of us who have only snatches of moments here and there to sew, I think as long as you assign dinner to someone else and close the sewing room door for a power sewing session, you'll have a new blouse in an evening. 

Let's talk about the petite silhouette because this is something I'm pretty proud of. Flora was inspired by a ready to wear top with loads and loads of fabric. Although, I can sorta pull it off, I always feel like I am wearing a tent and if a good gust of wind gets me, it will probably be a memorable moment

This is how I think I look when wearing an oversized garment: 



As petites we don't need to be draped in tons of fabric-this does nothing to flatter our short figures. This silhouette is not so new to the sewing world, but the drafting execution is key. Subtle shaping means less fabric under the arms and sides which gives you subtle waist definition and reduces some of the bulkiness that this type of style tends to have. 

All you fabric hoarders, listen up! So you know that super special silk charmeuse you've been holding for the right moment? Flora is that moment. She takes about 1 1/2 yds/M and works best with any type of silky, drapey, lightweight fabric. Light weight knits could also work too. The key is don't go too heavy. Think light and airy. The green version I show is a very light weight cotton voile and honestly this is the heaviest I would go in the cotton family. Save the quilting cottons for something else- nothing stiff. As always, since it is your first time sewing Flora, make a muslin. You can even try her out with $2 per yard polyester- just anything drapey. 

Flora is the perfect summer sew, but really a year round staple as you can layer her under a jacket or a cardigan in colder months. 

Make sure to take advantage of promo code "FLORA" for 15% off until 8/1/18

Get your copy today!

I can't wait to see your makes! Please share your pics with the sewing community as it only helps to inspire everyone, and gives you some bragging rights: 

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  • Hi Debbie! Glad you like it :) The neckline is elasticized, basically applied on top and turned back to form it’s own casing or you can make your own turn back tunnel to thread the elastic through. I know you know what I’m talking about, but for those who need a better visual, I plan on doing a quick how-to post for this.

    Betsy SBCC on
  • I’m really excited about this new pattern! I’m petite and do have issues with exactly what you mentioned! I love your example, with the Carol Burnett skit to demonstrate this! Perfect!! I’ll be buying this pattern when I get paid on Friday! And I have some really great fabric in mind to use!

    Karen Poole on
  • Can you tell us a bit about the construction? Are the neck and arms finished with bias tape?

    Kim Trick on
  • It’s cute! Is the neckline elasticized or just gathered onto a band?

    Debbie Cook on

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