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Pattern Re-Release News: The Cosmo Maxi Skirt and the Julep Skirt

Posted by Betsy C on

Talk about oldies but goodies! The Cosmo Maxi Skirt and the Julep Skirt patterns were irking me the most as I went through the SBCC roster. They would be pretty easy to update, but then again, I had other things to do....They always got put off and put off until now!  

The Cosmo Skirt

The Cosmo maxi skirt was the very first SBCC pattern. This skirt has lingered in it's initial form for too long now and has been poorly represented by a flat garment image on the website that doesn't do its flowy form justice. I forgot how cool this skirt was and why I wanted to make a pattern for it. It's a simple knit skirt- only three pieces, that is super comfy to wear with it's foldover yoga style waistband. Now, I know I call it a maxi skirt, but if the waistband is folded over then it's above the ankles. Frankly, this was a design choice as I didn't want the hem to be dragging or to become a tripping hazard. If you want it longer you can always unfold the waistband or add the length at the initial pattern by using the lengthen/shorten lines that are now included. 

The Cosmo Skirt is fitted around the hips and flares out for a trumpet shape at the hem and even a little more at the back. I get it that not everyone wants a tight fit at the hips, but the easy fix is to just size up for the body and use the waistband that matches to your base size. 

The Cosmo Skirt is strictly for knit fabrics. The style and fit relies heavily on the stretch of the knit and the weight of knit fabrics that make its fluid shape. 

The Julep Skirt

Let me just tell you that ever since I took the new product photos for the Julep Skirt I've been wearing it on regular rotation in my wardrobe exactly as shown. I forgot that it's not your typical high/low hem skirt. Nope. The Julep has a slimmer fit, that I feel is more of a modern approach. You feel kinda elegant with the swishy back hem, but because it's a comfy knit skirt you can wear it anywhere. I've been wearing it around the house, to walk the dogs and out shopping. It's hot. I'm not wearing pants. The Julep Skirt makes me feel dressy but comfortable at the same time. 

The Julep skirt has a wide-ish waistband without elastic so you need the stretch of the fabric on your side. Technically you could put an elastic in for extra security, but it's just so comfortable without. It is slightly fitted around the hips but starts to flare out at the mid-thigh level. 

Because of its high low hem and use of knit fabrics, the Julep Skirt would be the perfect style to leave the hem raw. Seriously, I know everyone likes a "finished" looking project, but I think you'll be happy with the look of this. 

If you missed the post about all the pattern updates coming, you can read all about it here. 

If you have already purchased the digital files for the Julep and Cosmo Skirt, the updates have been sent to you. But if you have not purchased your copy yet, be sure to grab one today in their new and improved formatting. They are on sale for 20% for a limited time only!



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