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Stinger Pattern Tester Roundup

Posted by Betsy C on

Are you curious to see the Stinger pattern on other figures and to see their interpretations? Trust me, you'll be inspired!

I'm so thankful to have an amazing crew of pattern testers to help bring the Stinger to life. Going through all their photos every Stinger was an "oooh" "ahhh" moment. It's so much fun to see it on different bodies, different fabrications, and different interpretations.

Please be sure to check out their Instagram accounts included below. They all have amazing feeds to follow and it's always good to meet new sewing friends. 


Upper bust: 31", 78.75cm
Full bust: 33" (B cup), 84cm
Waist" 27", 68.5cm
Hips: 33", 84cm
Size She Made: XSmall B Cup
Where you can find her: @kiwi.bruin.creations

Bust: 38", 96.5cm
Waist: 33", 89cm
Hip: 41", 104cn
Height: 5 ft 2”
Size She Made: Medium C cup, grading out to a large at the waist
Where you can find her: @sewroo


Bust: 37", 94
Waist: 30", 76cm
Hip: 37",94   
Size She Made: Small D cup


Upper Bust:  46", 117cm
Full Bust: 49", 124.5cm
Waist: 47", 119cm
Hip: 58", 147cm
Size She Made: 2X at the chest, graded to a 3X at the front and at the back, omitting the back waist darts.
Where you can find her: @thegreenviolet and


Bust: 30.5", 77.5cm
Waist: 27", 68.5cm
Hip: 33.75", 85.7cm
Size She Made: XXS graded to XS at the waist
Where you can find her: @loreleicaroline


Chest:  37.4", 95cm
Waist:  33.5", 85cm
Hip: 40.5", 103cm
What Size She Made: Medium
Where you can find her: @noha.creates


Bust: 35", 89cm  
Waist: 29", 73.5cm 
Hips: 38", 96.5cm
Size She Made: Small bust graded to medium at waist with a B cup
(Note: Sarah modified the 3 tier heights of the maxi dress view to create a midi-length dress - shown 3rd photo).
Where you can find her: @a.little.quiet

Chest: 33", 84cm
Waist: 27", 66cm
Hip: 35", 89cm
Size She Made: X-Small B cup, waist modified to be more fitted.
Where you can find her: @shilohsemporium

Chest: 31", 79cm
Waist: 26", 66cm
Hips: 35", 89cm 
Size She Made: XXS in the bust graded to XS in the waist; B cup
Where you can find her: @mzjackie007


Where you can find her: @happily_caffeinated



    I don't know where I would be without the help of a dedicated crew of testers. These ladies mean so much to me and their feedback is invaluable. Creating a pattern is a solitary pursuit but it truly comes together as a community effort. 

    Ready to make your own Stinger? Get the pattern for 15% off until 8.31.20.

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    • This helps tremendously to see measurements on all the testers. I’m making this for myself and a daughter in law. Thanks!

      Barb on

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