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The Pisco Tank and Dress: Pattern Tester Makes

Posted by Betsy C on

I had an amazing team of ladies helping with their eagle eyes to spot any errors in the sewing directions and to give feedback on their versions of the latest and greatest SBCC Pattern, the Pisco Tank and Dress. Seriously, I could not have done it without them. Their patience is something of legend, especially when I...umm...kinda,sorta lost the L-4X size range somewhere in the digital ether at the beginning of testing. (Mercury retrograde for realz!)

If you haven’t been formally introduced to The Pisco, you can read all about the details here. But since I know you are anxious to get to the good stuff, here’s the vibe: The Pisco is a super quick sew that allows you to assemble components according to your heights and cup sizes. Totally customizable. Yup!

As you will see from the tester versions below, The Pisco tank and dress allows for a lot of personal expression and style. Go ahead. Feel free to make it your own!

Part of the value of testing is to suss out any issues or styling along the way. For the sake of full disclosure, the following changes were made after the testers had taken their photos:

  • Reducing the curve of the hem shape on the tank top. It is a bit more subtle now. 
  • Revising the back armhole to reduce gaping. 
  • Scooping out the front neck curve a little so it’s not as high. 

(**Final pattern files reflect these changes)

Meet the Makers

Ceri- @ceri.luna
Height: 4ft 11"/150cm
Chest: 32"/81cm 
Waist: 26 1/2"/67cm
Hip: 34 1/2"/88cm
Size she made: Xsmall, Petite, B cup


Height: 4ft 11"/150cm
Chest: 34"/86cm 
Waist: 30"/76cm
Hip: 36"/91cm
Size she made: Small, Petite, B cup
Height: 5ft 1"/155cm
Chest: 33"/84cm 
Waist: 26"/66cm
Hip: 33"/84cm
Size she made: Xsmall, Petite, B cup
Ruth: @sewroo
Height: 5ft 1"/155cm
Chest: 36"/91cm 
Waist: 31"/79cm
Hip: 41"/104cm
Size she made: Medium graded to Large at the hips, Petite, B cup
Height: 5ft 8"/178cm
Chest: 38 1/2"/98cm 
Waist: 33"/84cm
Hip: 40"/102cm
Size she made: Medium, Average Height, D cup
Height: 4ft 9"/150cm
Chest: 37 1/2"/95cm 
Waist: 33 1/2"/85cm
Hip: 40 1/2"/103cm
Size she made: Large, Petite, B cup
Height: 4ft 9"/150cm
Chest: 45"/114cm 
Waist: 38 1/2"/98cm
Hip: 45 1/2"/116cm
Size she made: Xlarge, Petite, C cup
Height: 5ft 6"/167cm
Chest: 45"/116cm 
Waist: 42"/107cm
Hip: 54"/137cm
Size she made: 1X bust, 2X waist, 3X hips, Petite bodice w/ Average height skirt, C cup
I have a couple other testers photos coming in later. Hopefully you will check back to see! 
Ready to make your own version?
Get your copy today! 20% off until 9/15/19
If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester for SBCC you can join in here! I am always looking for a range of sizes and heights, so please drop in your name. I am also especially looking for testers for the expanded size range of the Manhattan Trousers. If this sounds like something of interest, you can add your name to the tester list and mention it in the comments. 

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  • @ Kathleen- yes, these are all stretchy knits. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of 35% stretch. Basically anything you would use to make a T-shirt from would be a good start for the tank.

    Betsy (SBCC) on
  • @ Maggie- nope. The changes noted are based on the tester version. I only mention in order to give you a sense of how it may look visually different.

    Betsy (SBCC) on
  • Should we re-download to obtain the changes?

    Maggie on
  • Are all of these versions made from stretchy knits? (Especially Yuli’s floral top, and Monika and Megan’s dresses?) Or did they need to size up for less stretchy fabrics?

    Kathleen on

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