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The Tonic Tee Just Got a Makeover

Posted by Betsy C on

The Tonic Tee is by far the most popular SBCC Pattern. She's a classic. She's Petite, and she's free. But it's been awhile since I created her and let's face it, her roots were showing and it was time for some polishing and primping--we can all understand the need these days. 

New Sizing

It was time to bring her up to speed to the new sizing initiatives for SBCC including the addition of sizes to each size range. The smaller size range now includes XXS-XL (previously it was only XXS-L) and the second size range that originally was XL-3X now has added on L and 4X. The overlapped size may not seem like much, but if you find yourself needing to grade between sizes then this will be helpful. 

Mixing Average and Petite Height Proportions

The Pisco Tank and Dress was the first of its kind offering both mix and match pieces to include average height and petite height proportions for the same garment. In case you missed the full description, read all about it here. This was a hit, so I figured let's give it a try for the Tonic Tee! Now if you have a petite upper body, but a longer torso, the Tonic Tee has you covered. 


As I go through updating older SBCC Patterns, I am *finally* adding a copy shop version. The Tonic Tee now has this as a feature and the same file is formatted for standard copy shop and A4 printing.

Layered Sizes

Now you can select what size you would like to print from the layers toolbar when you open the PDF pattern. Whoa- mind blown, right? Well mine was. I was a bit intimidated to try to figure how to do this out for the longest time, but it turned out to actually be quite easy. I know many pattern companies offer this and I've felt very behind, but now I'm entering the 21st century and ready to do this update across the board. 

A New Sleeve

So you may be wanting something a little more exciting for an update. Well, how about a new puffy sleeve add on piece. Yup, let's be trendy, but not over the top. Puffy sleeves are coming back in a big way. I consider myself a reluctant convert, but now I'm quite happy with what I've done for the Tonic Tee- it's not a crazy voluminous puff that harks back to the 80's. Nope, it's subtle. 

How do you get the update? 

All subscribers to the SBCC newsletter should have received their updated copy directly to their inbox. If you can't find it, be sure to check the spam folder just in case.

If you are not a subscriber you can sign up to get your free copy and to be up to date on all the latest and greatest SBCC news. Spoiler Alert: You're going to want to be in on this because I've got a big announcement coming next week! 


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  • So glad to have found a pattern that might suit me without alterations (I’m 4’11) but I have some doubts about it:
    - It says that fabric needs a 35% stretch but the graphic shows far more. Which one is true? Also, the stretch has to be horizontal or both, vertical or horizontal?
    - On another hand, if I wish to make a long sleeve tee, would it be enough if I add lenght to the short sleeve pattern or would I need to add width? Also, will the sleeves be interchangeable with those from any other pattern?
    Thanks for your attention and for the freeby!!

    Robin Sp on
  • Regarding the Tonic -T and all your T-Shirt Patterns, can I add a bust dart into these patterns? I do not like the pulling lines on the sides, maybe I am fussy but that is what I prefer. Is there anything I need to know in order to do this? Thanks

    Barbara on
  • Thank’s for the update! I’ll have to make that pattern again..
    Just one remark: On page 4 of the sewing instructions there ist the drawing for the amount of stretch: If a 10 cm swatch of fabric can be stretched to approximately 17 cm (as drawn) than the amount of stretch of that fabric is 70% (and not 35%)….
    What amount of stretch would you recommend for the Tonic Tee, ~35% or ~70%?

    Gabi on
  • thank you so much for the update, made this pattern quite a few times and have just printed the new little puff sleeve out! i’m 5"1 and make the xxs and would like to say thank-you for having always included me, there’s a lot of talk about expanding size ranges on one end and the other end tends to get forgotten, this pattern has fit me from the start so thank-you!

    jackie on
  • I made the new Tonic with the Add-on. I am pleased with the result
    Thank you

    Marieke Holleman-Bartels on

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