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Transforming the Stinger for Average Height

Posted by Betsy C on

The Stinger Dress is designed for anyone 5ft 4" and shorter. Heights above this  range fall in a general category of "average height". 

The Stinger Dress has been a hit with all the Petite Sewers out there, but I've also gotten a lot of questions from average height gals who would like to know how easy it is to adjust for their height. Hint- it's going to be pretty easy!
I've detailed all the different sections of the garment below and  set up a method to make it super easy to make the adjustments. You'll notice a theme of 1/2" increments. Yup, this is the only number you will need to know. 
If you are familiar with using lengthen/shortening lines on a pattern, this uses the same technique where you either cut for added length, or fold for reduced length. 
The only tools you will need are some paper scraps, a ruler, pencil and tape. 
On the lines shown as pink you will add to the height. Don't worry about exact alignment. As long as you add the same amount to each cut you will be good.



Top Skirt & Peplum

Middle Tiers

Bottom Tiers

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